Board Members
Position Name E-mail
President Mary Martin president@dentonquiltguild.org
1st VP Programs Ellen Taliaferro programs@dentonquiltguild.org
2nd VP Membership Kathleen Francis &
Debbie Hurt
3rd VP Fundraising Estella DeLa Fuente fundraising@dentonquiltguild.org
4th VP Community Outreach Barbara Angel communityoutreach@dentonquiltguild.org
Secretary Belva Gibson secretary@dentonquiltguild.org
Retreats Gloria Jackson retreats@dentonquiltguild.org
Treasurer Deborah Viso treasurer@dentonquiltguild.org
Advertising Noreen Geer advertising@dentonquiltguild.org
Art Quilt Exhibit Coordinator Terri Vogds exhibit@dentonquiltguild.org
Building Manager Tanya Springer snacks@dentonquiltguild.org
Continuing Education Coordinator Diana Shenberger continuingeducation@dentonquiltguild.org
Directory Editor Tonya Littmann directory@dentonquiltguild.org
Fundraising - T-Shirts
Fundraising - Silent Auction Nancy Endres silentauction@dentonquiltguild.org
Fundraising - Raffle Quilt Susan Mankus &
Annette Johnson
Fundraising - Garage Sale vacant - please volunteer! garagesale@dentonquiltguild.org
Hospitality Nancy Smick &
Vicki Larsen
Kid Kwilts Sher Harnish kidkwilts@dentonquiltguild.org
Librarian Marie Bloechle library@dentonquiltguild.org
Newsletter Editor Patricia Biggs newsletter@dentonquiltguild.org
Parliamentarian Teresa Sherling parliamentarian@dentonquiltguild.org
Photographer Fran Dornan photographer@dentonquiltguild.org
Snack Table Coordinator Tanya Springer snacks@dentonquiltguild.org
Social Media Maven Tonya Littmann socialmedia@dentonquiltguild.org
Storybooks To Go Sarah Schermerhorn storybooks@dentonquiltguild.org
Sunshine & Shadow Nancy Smick sunshineandshadow@dentonquiltguild.org
TAQG Belva Gibson &
Bunnie Barefoot
Webmaster Marie Bloechle webmaster@dentonquiltguild.org
Workshops Coordinator Geri Campbell workshops@dentonquiltguild.org

There are many different volunteer opportunities with the DQG Board. See descriptions of all the board positions and let us know which position you would like to learn more about.